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“Calvin Rosser’s Life Reimagined will touch you, inspire you and give you ways to build the life that you want to live. His weekly email is something I can’t wait to read each week. Calvin is an amazing human being. His articles are a blessing to the world.”

Kevin ZhangInvestor at GSV Ventures

“Life Reimagined is one of the only newsletters I consistently read. I appreciate the nuanced takes that Calvin provides on such a thoughtful range of subject matters! His prompts challenge me to broaden my views and to refine my perspectives.”

Steph SmithPodcast Host at A16Z

“Calvin’s newsletter is for high achievers who don’t want to live a life unfulfilled. He is an amazing storyteller who has experienced many lives in one, and will challenge you to grow yourself and those around you.”

Dror LiebenthalCEO at

“Calvin helped me take my mental awareness to new heights. From goal setting to phone calls chatting about the ups and downs of life, Calvin has always been a shining light in my life to help me push forward in my personal growth journey.”

Brian BasoMusician, Product Manager, Balance Seeker

“Calvin's newsletter offers well-rounded insights on living a good life. It's a package of all those things that truly matter.”

Jade PanuganWriter at Craftdeology

“From investing principles to the importance of practicing compassion, Calvin offers thoughtful takes on a variety of subjects. If you want to improve your thinking, subscribe to his newsletter.”

John SantiagoPodcast Host at The Videocraft Show

“Ever since following your work, it feels like you share exactly what’s been on my mind, and I learn about something I had been meaning to research. It feels like is doing research on my behalf. Love the perspective I gain and the knowledge I obtain through your newsletter.”

Cory McCabeCollaborative Filmmaker

“I engaged Calvin to improve my responses to uncomfortable situations. With his guidance, I was able to build new behaviors that have tremendously improved the outcomes in both my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend Calvin as a coach to anyone.”

Taylor PlattNBA Strategist

“Calvin’s writing is refreshingly candid and relatable. He openly discusses experiences we’ve all had, be it failures, successes, or thoughts on life’s big questions, and offers practical advice that helps smooth the way.”

Greg NowakAnalytics Lead at Google

“Calvin's newsletter acts as a kick start to my week. I use it as a reminder to cherish the little things, to set aside some time for myself, and to reconsider what I value in life. Each week there is a lesson to take away. Thank you for all you've done so far, Calvin!”

Kevin CaldwellAspiring Nomad

“Calvin is a very creative and inspirational writer. He has opened my eyes to many things unknown to me and has helped me to think more globally.”

GrandmaSenior Painter

“By tapping into his technical expertise, eye for solutions, and raw enthusiasm, I was able to develop the confidence and skill set I needed to land my current gig.”

Thor JohnsonSoftware Consultant